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Steam rises from a cup of tea and we are wrapped in history, inhaling ancient times and lands, comfort of ages in our hands. -Faith Greenbowl

Welcome to Alice’s Fine Teas

Relax, explore and enjoy!

We invite you to take a moment to experience the pleasures of a cup of premium quality fine tea fresh from the gardens of China.  Explore beautiful Blooming Tea that is not only healthy, tasty and refreshing, but makes a unique, spectacular centerpiece that will amaze your guests.  Discover Pu'er Tea, revered by the Chinese as highly medicinal, that is rich, smooth and full bodied - even coffee lovers will enjoy this tea!  A favorite of locals, Eight Treasures Tea is a sweet and spicy blend of green tea and seven fruits, herbs and spices carefully selected for their health value. Your daily tea can warm your spirit, soothe your soul, strengthen your friendships, and as an old Chinese Proverb says "Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary."   Our mission is to share, inform and help you find bliss in your tea cup. "One sip of this will bathe the drooping spirits in delight, beyond the bliss of dreams." ~Milton

About Us

Alice's Fine Teas began from an intense enjoyment of and passion for tea that greatly expanded after visiting China and experiencing the ancient culture and finest teas fresh from the gardens of the birthplace of tea.  We were compelled to share the history and wonder of exceptional quality fine artisan blooming tea and loose leaf teas with other current and soon-to-be tea lovers.    We are a family owned business dedicated to helping others enjoy a better quality of life.  We want to share all the culture, chronicles, camaraderie, class and exquisite taste of the finest Chinese teas.  Please join us on our journey to savor life one cup at a time!
Artisan Blooming Tea ~ Eight Treasures Tea ~ Pu’er Tea  “for all the BEST tea in China”