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About Tea and Health Benefits of Tea

What is Tea?

Tea is the second-most consumed drink in the world, surpassed only by water. It may surprise you that ALL tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, a warm-weather evergreen. How the fresh leaves of the tea plant are processed and their level of contact with oxygen determine resulting types of tea. During oxidation, tea leaves undergo natural chemical reactions that result in distinctive color and taste characteristics. Green tea is not oxidized at all—the leaves are steamed, rolled and dried while black tea is allowed to oxidize for two to four hours. Oolong tea falls somewhere between green and black teas, in that the leaves are only partially oxidized. The tea plant, which grows naturally in the wild through much of Asia, is cultivated in a variety of settings from small family gardens to giant estates covering thousands of acres. The best tea is usually grown at elevation, and often, on steep slopes. The terrain requires that these premium teas be hand-picked. Many of the teas that are grown for tea bags or iced teas, on the other hand, are grown on large, flat, lowland areas to allow for machine harvesting. Teas that are hand picked and processed in the traditional fashion are called Orthodox Teas. Orthodox teas generally contain only the top two leaves and the unopened bud, which are picked carefully by hand and then processed in varying ways to reach the desired result and bring out the characteristics of the tea. While tea plants do have yellow-white flowers approximately 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter, the "buds" referred to in the tea trade are the young, unopened leaves - the newest, freshest growth.

Health Benefits of Tea

The Tea Association of the United States of America has this to say 'Tea is an ancient beverage steeped in history and romance and loved by many. In fact, so popular is tea that it is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. Although tea had a modest beginning (it was discovered by accident), its popularity spread from its origins in China to Western Europe and the Americas. Throughout history, tea has been believed by many to aid the liver, destroy the typhoid germ, purify the body and preserve mental equilibrium. Over the past few decades, scientists have taken a closer look at the potential health benefits of tea and have discovered that much of the folklore about tea may actually be true.'  Visit our What is in Tea” page and Blog for more information and links.
“The Chinese believe that Pu'er tea is extremely healthy.  Studies in China and Europe have shown that the special 'fermentation' process makes this tea particularly beneficial to aid in controlling cholesterol levels (good and bad), digestion (particularly fatty foods), and blood pressure.
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About Tea