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The Perfect Brew

Brewing tea is, at its heart, very simple. 

There are a handful of basic steps:

1. Heat good-tasting water. 2. Add tea (about one tablespoon per cup). 3. Steep for 2 to 3 minutes, taste. 4. Strain and enjoy! 5. Re-steep for more pleasure. There are variations according to the type of tea. Each package of tea that we sell has detailed brewing instructions on the back. As a general rule, please pay attention to the following: Teapot: Choose a teapot, covered cup, or glass, and preheat with hot water. Use a strainer to prevent leaves from entering the cup or spout.  Note: our tiny teapot has a strainer in the spout - perfect for loose leaf teas! Tea: It is best to brew teas loose, not in a small tea ball or infuser. This allows the leaves to open fully and release all their flavor. We use 3 grams of tea for 6 ounces of water. Whole-leaf teas vary in density, so use one teaspoon for compact teas and up to 2 tablespoons for voluminous teas. Water: Start with good-tasting water, such as spring or filtered. Avoid tap water; it may contain chemicals which will affect the taste of the tea. Don't over-boil, as this depletes the oxygen in the water and compromises flavor. Do not use boiling water when brewing white or green teas. This will cook the leaves and destroy their delicate flavor. Suggested Temperatures: White or green teas, well below boiling (170-185 F). Oolongs (185-210 F). Black teas, just off a boil. Pu'ers, full rolling boil (212 F). Steeping Time: Until you are familiar with a particular tea, steep for a minute or two, then try a sip. Pay attention to taste rather than color. When the tea tastes right to you, serve or pour off all the liquid to avoid over-steeping. Most teas are meant to be infused several times. Increase steeping time for subsequent infusions. Special note on Pu'er tea - We highly recommend the Chinese method of brewing to get the best flavor and value from this wonderful tea.  First brew (rinse) - 1-2 seconds to rinse off dust and bits of tea leaves, then brew up to 7 more times.  First few should only be 30-40 seconds, then gradually increase brew time by two times each brew.
Blooming Teas Brewing Blooming Teas - Be sure to brew your bloom in a glass teapot or large glass cup! Pour hot water (just below boil as our our blooms are made with silver needle which is a white tea) into your pot, drop the ball in and watch as it brews and opens up into a beautiful flower nestled in a green base of silver needle tea. Enjoy the miracle and enjoy a healthy, tasty, refreshing tea. You may re-steep the bloom several times, or after the first brew remove the bloom and place it into a glass vase with fresh, cold water and 2 teaspoons of vinegar to preserve the beautiful display for at least two weeks.
Experiment: Feel free to experiment with water temperature, brewing time, and proportion of tea to water. Watch the leaves unfurl (affectionately known as "the agony of the tea") and savor the aroma. Remember, our guidelines are just that. Enjoy!
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