Tea Cup of Love

Blooming Teas

Spectacular artisan teas, or blooming teas, hand embroidered balls of tender silver needle tea and flowers that, when brewed, bloom (and sometimes dance) into fragrant, beautiful works of art in a tea that is healthy, tasty and refreshing. Each unique ball has its own personal story that blooms into life for your pleasure!

Give a unique and truly memorable gift to someone special or that person who has everything! Every item you order from Alice's Tea Shop (individually or as part of a gift set) comes in a beautiful gift box, complete with bow ~ and preserved blooms in glass teapots or vases make spectacular centerpieces for any event!

1 Box contains 5 premium quality blooms. Each bloom is individually vacuum sealed to assure that it meets Alice's Fine Teas quality and freshness standards. Silver needle tea is premium tender white tea and very high in antioxidants. Even after the bloom finishes, you can still enjoy several additional pots of tea from it   OR   If you wish to preserve the bloom for display, pour off all of the brewed hot tea into a serving pot once the bloom is open. Then pour fresh, cool water into a clear vase or goblet, add a teaspoon or two of vinegar, gently place the bloom in the water and enjoy your display for two weeks or more.