As an establishment that is well known for providing the ultimate event / dining / gift giving experience, we invite you to explore the value of adding Alice’s Fine Teas to your specialty menu or catalog.

Your guests will be amazed at the experience of our spectacular artisan, or blooming teas – hand embroidered balls of tender silver needle tea and flowers that, when brewed, bloom (and sometimes dance) into fragrant, beautiful works of art in a tea that is healthy, tasty and refreshing. Each individual ball has its own personal story that blooms into life for your pleasure!  It is absolutely unforgettable, taking artful presentation to a new level.

Alice’s Fine Teas is reputed for its high quality unique Chinese teas and its knowledge of tea. We hand select each of our premium specialty teas for quality, presentation, taste, and extreme health value. We work closely with our wholesale clients to develop strategic tea programs that fit their business goals. 

Please feel free to contact Alice directly at 877-221-8560 or to discuss your needs. We look forward to providing you with a new option to offer your guests a truly memorable experience that reflects the high standards of your establishment.


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