May We Recommend?

For thousands of years the Chinese have appreciated the medicinal value of teas. The following list of remedies is based on their experience, beliefs, and some recent scientific studies.

 Found in our Blooming Teas:

Camelia – high in antixodiants, improves immune system (in our Riches & Honor)

Carnation – calms nerves, helps heart health   ( in ourVictorian Sweetheart)

Globe Amaranth – soothes cough, helps liver functions    (in our Seven Sons, Red Globe Treasure)

Jasmine – moistens skin, anti-inflammatory, eases anxiety (in our Jasmine Fairy, Red Globe Treasure, Elixir of Love, Seven Sons)

Lily – enhances energy, cooling effect, calms nerves,   (in our Bird of Paradise, Jasmine Fairy, Elixir of Love)

Marigold – helps circulation, stomach ache, natural antibacterial (in our Bird of Paradise, Flying Snow, Golden Sunshine)

Silver Needle Tea – high in antioxidants, improves immune system, aids digestion, teeth health, helps control diabetes  (in all of our blooming teas)

 Found in our Loose Leaf Teas:

Pu’er Tea – improves cholesterol levels (LDL and HDL), helps lower blood pressure, aids digestion, controls obesity, detoxifies, high in antioxidants (all Pu’ers)

8 Treasure Tea (green tea plus 7 other 'health treasures') - promotes energy, circulation, tonify the liver, stimulate blood production, replenish 'chi', help to decrease body heat, and promote digestion.

Ginseng - increases mental alertness, improves cholesterol levels, helps control diabetes, reduces fatigue (in our 8 Treasures Tea with Ginseng)

Chrysanthemum - calms nerves, has cooling effect, natural antiviral (in our 8 Treasures Tea with Chrysanthemum)