8 Treasure Tea, Chrysanthemum, (3) 800g pack - 60% Off!


On Sale - about 6 cents per cup! Buy 2 and we will send an extra one for FREE! Eight Treasure Tea, called Ba Bao Cha in Chinese, is originally from Yunnan, China and is considered to have medicinal properties and health benefits in Chinese medicine. It is believed to promote energy, circulation, tonify the liver, stimulate blood production, and to replenish 'chi'. The "Eight Treasures" refer to the eight main ingredients; Chinese wolfberry, jujube (a type of red date,) dried fruit (apple or haw in season), rock sugar crystals, dried chrysanthemum, green tea, dried longan fruit and sesame.
Put contents of packet into pot, using rock sugar crystals as desired for sweetness.  Warning! If you use all the sugar crystals it will be very sweet and difficult to taste the other ingredients!  Pour hot water into pot to brew. You will get 2-3 pots from one packet.

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